What is Drama Therapy?

A Creative approach to healing...

Drama Therapy is an intentional use of theater practices and processes to support healing, recovery, and/or personal and collective growth. Drama Therapy offers a creative entry point into difficult conversations, helping you to think past what is and imagine what could be…

No previous acting experience needed.
Life experience is enough.

Drama Therapist and Creative Arts Therapist

Britton holds a Master’s degree in Drama Therapy from NYU and is a registered drama therapist and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist.

With a wide range of experience working with children to adults across a variety of settings, Britton  is committed to engaging creative forms of healing with all her clients. While Britton honors everyone in the community, her practice is an intentional space made for BIOPIC, LGBTQIA+, fat bodied folx, and those who hold histories impacted by trauma that are seeking an affirming therapeutic space and process.

For Individuals ready to embed a creative practice into your personal growth or healing journey and clinicians, across the mental health profession, attempting to foster spaces for both their clients and themselves with more intentional understanding and care, I’ve created a space for you. Join me BWholeistic.

Let's Collaborate

Interested in hiring Britton as a Drama Therapy Consultant for your school, university, theatre, or film company? Britton collaborates with creative productions and processes to support a range of commitments including:

Schools and Universities

Theatre & Film Organizations​