about the Healing Stage

At the Healing Stage, we envision a space where people thrive in workplace and community settings. We are here to provide intentional, transformative services devoted to giving a stronger sense of vision, value and purpose to every organization with which we collaborate. Understanding that the road to achieving a healthy and thriving workplace is not easy, The Healing Stage commits to offering resources and strategies that foster a flourishing and inclusive workplace/professional community.

A Letter from Britton

Hi Folx!

You know that feeling of warmth you get from a Hot cup of coffee (or tea)? That’s exactly how I feel about my work. I love what I do!

Within my research, my facilitation and throughout my private practice, I value the importance of identity and community. My passion for co-creating spaces where humans can learn to fully and unapologetically accept themselves, while learning to navigate in intersectional and multicultural spaces has been a foundational element of my work. Together, we can co-build within and across community, history and experience, we can all learn and grow from each other.

Outside of my obsession with Pugs, I have a love for both comedy and horror, talk about balance. Here’s what I know to be true: hard times are inevitable, right? But, when we access our creativity, and really embrace each step of the process, it can pull us through and open doors we never knew were there. Humor and joy belong in our story even amid the pain and challenges.

So here’s to intentionally committing to real cultural change and shift. Let’s get to work.

With care,

Research & Publications​

Rooted in deep research, and backed by extensive studies in the areas of Trauma Informed Practices, Community Care, Anti-Oppression, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Britton has published and presented on a national and international level. Her research serves as a foundational gateway to her roles as both facilitator and consultant.​

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"Every journey begins with a single step."
-- Confucius