An Inclusive workplace sets the stage for a healthy workplace

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging is more than just a “one and done…” It’s time to raise the bar.

Welcome to
The Healing Stage

The Healing Stage is an enterprise that collaborates with organizations to foster emotional and cultural inclusivity and wellbeing across individual and collective contexts. In support of a healthy workplace or community environment, The Healing Stage offers research-based, data-driven, workshops and services for professional and community environments prepared to start-or deepen-the conversation and build a workplace led by culture and collaboration. Founder Britton Williams employs her creative approach to facilitating complex conversations, while working towards healing and justice; she includes a strategic infusion of knowledge, creative strategies and practical application.

We meet you
where you are.

We understand that every organization has specific needs. We’ll adjust to every organization and community across every stage and entry point of the conversation.

If you work in toxicity, you will get sick.

Meet Britton


Britton Williams MA, RDT-BCT, LCAT. PhD candidate (CUNY). Drama Therapist. Artist. Facilitator. Activist. Storyteller. A thinker and dreamer. An agent of change. Equity Coach. Committed to the connectedness of healing and liberation. Ready to help you lay the groundwork for dynamic dialogue and impactful change.

This is a growth space. Collaborative processes are a top priority. Here’s our commitment to you:

Whether you represent a large corporation or a small business, navigating through cultural complexities in the workplace can present a range of challenges. We honor the integrity of your company’s brand and we value the sensitivity and privacy of your situation. We ensure confidentiality in every aspect of your process.